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Russian-Japanese Railway Forum, 3-8 November 2013

The top priority for the development of cooperation between Russia and Japan is the acceleration of trade liberalization and investments, promotion of regional economic integration, creation of a favorable environment for entrepreneurship and the strengthening of public-private partnership.

The Japanese railways are recognized as the world leader in the development of high-speed rail systems and one of the largest segments of the global market for railway-construction services and technologies. Due to acceleration of cooperation in economic policies among the leading countries in APEC and under the framework of "The Japanese-Russian Action Plan" adopted by the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin and the Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi. This agreement entails the development of new programs and the development of high-speed railway networks and publication of a number of government documents aimed at the development of SCM, such as "The Strategy of Development of Railway Transport of the Russian Federation by 2030" and the presidential decree "On the arrangement for the movement of high-speed railways of the Russian Federation ". With consideration of the documents listed above, the International Business Corporation is organizing “The Russian-Japanese Railway Forum” on 04 -09 November 2013 in Tokyo.

Program of events:

  • VISIT THE MASS TRANS INNOVATION SHOWROOM IN JAPAN 2013, with the participation of major international companies;
  • Russian- Japanese Railway Conference;
  • Presentations of Russian companies, innovative projects, regional and investment projects;
  • Meeting with the JAPAN RAILWAY GROUP (Japan Railways). The JR group consists of JR Hokaido, JR East, JR Central, JR West, JR Shikoku, JR Kyushu, JR Freigh and Railway Technical Institute (RTRI);
  • Business meetings with company representatives of Japan Railways, representatives of the Tokaido line, Sanindo, Osaka Express and traveling on the high-speed train “Shinkansen”;
  • Visit to Japan’s Railway Museum.
  • Presentation of the maglev «Hayabusa» bullet-train.
  • Visiting construction objects and enterprises, familiarity with unique objects of the railway system of the city, and more.

Dear friends we are inviting you to participate in the "Russian-Japanese Railway Forum 2013" as a part of the Russian delegation! This will allow you to get acquainted with the most innovative rail market in the world, explore current issues of the industry (innovation in the construction of railways and infrastructure development of high-speed railway systems, energy conservation, satellite geo-location, etc.) to establish partnerships with leading Japanese and international companies and associations. The forum aims to promote the development of Russian-Japanese relations in the sphere of investment and railway-construction industry.